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Australian Premiere

Se ti diranno di me

If You Tell Me

Based on the remarkable real-life story of Lea Garofalo, the latest film from Marco Tullio Giordana received a 5-minute standing ovation at Rome’s Fiction Fest, where it was the Opening Night Film. Lea is a young woman who has grown up around the ‘Ndràngheta (Calabrian mafia). Her own family, and the father of her daughter Denise are members, but she wants a different life for them. 

When she decides to cooperate with the police in order to escape the cycle of crime and violence, she and Denise are placed in a witness protection scheme. But when things go wrong Lea is forced to turn to her family and Denise’s father sees a chance to take his revenge and win Denise back.

If You Tell Me (also known as Lea) is a fascinating insight into the workings of the country’s most powerful mafia organisation and Vanessa Scalera (Vincere LIFF 2010, Mia madre LIFF 2015) delivers a fierce performance in the lead role. This is a true story of courage and hope.

Marco Tullio Giordana
Vanessa Scalera, Linda Caridi, Alessio Praticò, Mauro Conte, Antonio Pennarella
18+ (exemption)
The portrait of a wounded and strong woman, determined and distraught, served to perfection by Vanessa Scalera.
Le Nouvel Observateur
Marco Tullio Giordana

Born in 1950 in Milan, Marco Tullio Giordana is a multi-award winning screenwriter and director with a career spanning more than 35 years. A number of his most notable films are drawn from real-life events, including To Love the Damned (1980), Appointment in Liverpool (1988), Who Killed Pasolini (1995), One Hundred Steps (2000), and The Best of Youth (2003).