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Gli ultimi saranno ultimi

The Last Will Be The Last

Paola Cortellesi (Wondrous Boccaccio, Do You See Me? LIFF 15) stars in Massimiliano Bruno’s dark comedy depicting Luciana, a factory worker married to the love of her life (Alessandro Gassman).  Luciana is leaving the simple and quiet life she’s always desired: she works and she is deeply in love with her husband Stefano, even if he doesn’t always have a job and they both need to struggle to keep on going. They are happy and always on each other’s side, but shortly after she finds out she’s pregnant, she gets fired and her world starts falling apart. 

After having tried to have a baby for years, the joy of impending motherhood lasts only a few months. Begging for help but with no one ready to listen to her, completely desperate and shattered, Luciana decides to kidnap the managing director of her former company, asking for the justice she deserves.

Massimiliano Bruno
Paola Cortellesi, Alessandro Gassman, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Giorgio Caputo, Emanuela Fanelli, Stefano Fresi, Ilaria Spada, Federico Torre
18+ (exemption)
[Cortellesi is] Italy’s finest comic actress, but here she shows that she can truly hold her own in a dramatic role.
I Love Italian
Massimiliano Bruno

Massimiliano Bruno started as a theatre actor before transitioning to cinema. Since then he has played in several movies and worked as a screenwriter for over ten comedies and directed four features including hit Viva l’Italia (LIFF 2013). His comedies have achieved great success at the Italian box office and have won several awards.

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Los Angeles – Italia 2016