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Manuela is an Army commander stationed in Afghanistan who reluctantly returns to her seaside home town near Rome to convalesce from a near-fatal attack. For Manuela coming back to this picturesque town means a return to all the things that drove her to join the army. 

There she has built the life she always dreamed of, and her recuperation forces her to fight a different battle: against the memories, disappointment and pain of her youth. She unexpectedly finds a confidante in Mattia, a man seemingly without a past, and like her, suspended in the limbo of his hopes and dreams for the future. 

Limbo is based on the novel by Melania G. Mazzucco's honest and moving portrayal of the complex psychological struggles of modern soldiers, performed with great insight by the supremely talented star Kasia Smutniak, who is herself the daughter and granddaughter of soldiers.

Lucio Pellegrini
Kasia Smutniak, Adriano Giannini, Filippo Nigro, Domenico Diele
ITALY 2015 • 100 MIN • DRAMA
18+ (exemption)
Smutniak is perfect in the role.
La Repubblica
Lucio Pellegrini

Born 1965 in Asti, Lucio Pellegrini is a writer and director with seven feature films to his credit. His debut, the comedy E Allora Mambo! (1999) was nominated for a Silver Ribbon (Best Director) award. His best known films include Now or Never (2003), Unlikely Revolutionaries (2010) and The Perfect Life (2011).

  • Winner Best Actress (Kasia Smutniak), Roma Fiction Fest 2015