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Australian Premiere

Il duello di vino

The Duel of Wine

This madcap, offbeat comedy is a must for wine lovers. It picks up from where The Way of Wine (2011) left off, with real life master sommelier, the so much larger-than-life Charlie Arturaola playing himself, who, having famously lost his palate during the shooting of the earlier film, has left the world of wine in disgrace and is now working as a taxi driver in Miami, where he lives with his wife and former manager Pandora. 

But when Pandora is approached by rising star sommelier Luca Gardini (also playing himself) to manage him all the way to the world championship of sommeliers, The Duel of Wine, Charlie (having regained his palate) feels compelled to regain his reputation and win Pandora back. Using his friend Lino as a front man at tastings around Europe Charlie manages to make his way to the final where he faces Luca and Pandora.

Nicolas Carreras
Charlie Arturaola, Lino Pujia, Pandora Anwyl, Luca Gardini
ITALY 2015 • 95 MIn • COMEDY
18+ (exemption)
A thought-provoking love letter to the land, passion and art of winemaking- and wine-drinking.
Italian Cinema Today
Nicolas Carreras

Born in Argentina, Carreras is a director, cinematographer and editor who also teaches at the Universidad de Cine in his native Buenos Aires. Following many years working in film and TV, in 2011 he wrote and directed The Way of Wine, of which The Duel of Wine is a sequel.

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION Montreal World Film Festival 2015
    OFFICIAL SELECTION Valladolid Film Festival 2015